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Battle for the Podium at 2013 Adult Nationals

ORANGE, Calif. —The 2013 K&D Graphics Adult Nationals were held this past weekend at Orange County Badminton Club and the tournament saw some of the country’s best come out to display their skills. The Adult Nationals event is always one of the most anticipated tournaments each year and often is home to the best badminton in the United States and this year was no different. To read more, click here.

Berkeley Cruises to Victory at 2013 Collegiate Nationals

Another year at the Collegiate Nationals is in the books and a familiar face is sitting on top of the results. The University of California-Berkley was able win the tournament while having the privilege to host the event as well, giving the Golden Bears a truly successful weekend. UC-Berkley was able to come away with the win, but it did not come easy. Rival UCLA finished second and UC-San Diego placed third. UC-Davis and UC-Irvine also competed in the tournament. To read more click here.

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